ARO currently services three basic industry verticals with its network of versatile, distributed professionals: Insurance, Healthcare, and Call Center Technologies.

These services involve customer care, traditional back office tasks, and sophisticated, highly focused medical history interviews.

The track record for our highly appealing group of in-demand professionals is exemplary. And within a short time, our clients begin to think of our service professionals, as their own.

We agree with their interest for two simple reasons. The entire U.S. is our talent pool. Once we identify any specific kind of professional worker and get the word out, we are flooded with resumes of highly qualified people who have the education, background, positive demeanor, and - if needed - the certification to match ARO's client/partners' high standards.

The second reason is equally apparent. Before we penetrated the Insurance and Healthcare industries, people said we couldn't do it. They said, "No one would outsource to this kind of professional who doesn't work in a centralized facility."

ARO loves a challenge. The simple, proven fact is this. A network of distributed professionals WILL lower your overhead, improve your service levels, deliver higher economies of scale and create significantly higher profit margins. Our satisfied client/partners can tell you just that.